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Saturday, July 26, 2008

E3 2008: Massive Action Game E3 Conference Impressions and Views

Get Ready for the Ultimate gaming experience ever!

Zipper Interactive's new massively multiplayer online game made an appearance at the Sony press conference, and we got to take a look at the trailer.

The developer of SOCOM is moving on to bigger territory with Massive Action Game, a new online title for the PlayStation 3 that will support battles with up to 256 players. Players will be split into eight-person teams. There will also be character advancements and character customization. We didn't get to see any in-game footage, but a trailer hints at Battlefield 2-style combat, but on an even bigger scale.

The footage itself showed a huge team mounting an assault on a military base, with the team approaching on foot and in tanks. An epic battle then raged with bullet and rocket fire all around. Eventually, the protecting team managed to protect the base. It was at this moment that the attacking team launched a second attack, with planes taking part in bombing runs and dropping a fresh batch of soldiers with parachutes.

We were disappointed that MAG wasn't shown using in-game footage, but as one of Sony's "beyond holiday season" releases, it may not be in an advanced state. If we get any more information during the show we'll be sure to let you know.

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