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Saturday, July 26, 2008

MAG (Massive Action Game) is a massive action game

Sony saved the final announcement of its E3 keynote for a concept using the placehold title of "MAG: Massive Action Game," Unveiled by Andy Beaudoin from Zipper Interactive, MAG — whose trailer looked like "SOCOM set 15 years into the future," according to our eyes on the scene, will immerse players in large online battles of up to 256 players. The trailer featured multiple terrain types, complex tactics, and sounds very much like a SOCOM MMO at this stage.

Character growth will be accomplished through an advancement tree, which allows players to fine tune their players throughout massive campaigns. "MAG will deliver an intense and long lasting shooter experience," said Beaudoin, who also described the game as "a workout even for the PS3 architecture."

MAG (Massive Action Game) is a massive action game

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