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Saturday, July 26, 2008

MAG: Massive Action Game for PS3 - Multiplayer

Zipper Interactive's, MAG (PS3), Promises 256 Players Online ! WOW Amazing !

While a Lot of People are Convinced that Resistance 2's 60-Player Online Battles will be Phenomenal, that Feat will Soon be Overshadowed by a more Elaborate Effort in Online Action.

Zipper Interactive, Best Known for Their Work on the SOCOM Series, Revealed a New Project Codenamed, MAG, ((M)assive (A)ction (G)ame) for the PlayStation 3 which will Have the Capacity to Host 256 Players All at the Same Time.

Massive Action Game for PS3 - Multiplayer

The Developers Said that Their upcoming Game will Have 256 Humans Divided into Teams of 8 (that's 32 Teams) Fighting Free-for-All (FFA) Style in 1 Giant Map. That certainly Sounds Fun, but we Know you're Wondering How Long you'll Have to Wait to Set up Matches.

That Hasn't been Answered Yet, but we Hope the Devs do in Time. Jack Tretton Has Gone Out of his Way to Remind People that They're Accomplishing All this in the PS3's Sophomore Year. What more Could be in the Pipeline as we Go Along ? We'll See

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