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Saturday, July 26, 2008

MAG (Massive Action Game) is a massively multiplay

MAG - Best or worst name ever?

"Personally, I think "MAG" is a great name. Albeit generic, it seems to fit the game perfectly. It wouldn't bother me if it was the title of the final product or just an interim thing till a new name is thought up. All I know is when I saw the coverage, went around to everyone I know and said, "MAG FOR PS3 256 PLAYER ONLINE!!!" some changes in undergarments occured."

"I like the name, and honestly who cares what fanboys think."

"What needs to be a concern with so many people able to play is making sure this game doesn't get dubbed "LAG".

"Maybe they can avoid lag by have each PS3 act a part of the server , kinda like Folding Home . Anyhow , they're gonna have to get creative to get this to work well , and for the 256 players to be organized instead of just plain mayhem . "

MAG - Best or worst name ever?

"They said that there will be groups of 8 with a team captain for each group right? It is entirely possible for each group of 8 to have its completely independent host within themselves that shares information with each other captain, ultimately creating a chain of hosts in the game and not bogging down one individual with the burden of hosting an online game for each of the 256 people. If done right this game could be the greatest thing of all time. If not, it will be the greatest flop of all time. It will be exciting to see how this all pans out in the long run."

"Its simple, but perfect. Its a change from the stereotypical shooter titles we're used to seeing, i.e. "resistance", "gears of war" etc. MAG FTW!"

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